How to find the perfect shower

How to identify and eliminate a shower problem?

With the help of a showerhead and some basic tools, here are some of the questions you can ask yourself as you try to determine if you have a shower issue.

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If you find yourself struggling to get the shower going, here is some help to help you determine whether it’s a showery problem or not.1.

Do you shower with your feet in the water?

How many times a day does your feet get wet?

If so, do you think it’s because of water running through your socks or under your armpits?2.

Do your feet have to be wet for the shower to work?

If so, how much water do you need to dry your feet before you can start using the shower?3.

Do the shower curtains obstruct the view of the water running down the showerhead?

Have you ever tried to use the shower on your own?

If not, how do you feel about shower curtains?4.

Do there seem to be more or fewer towels in the shower than usual?

If there are, why is there so much more or less?5.

If there is no one around when you go to shower, why are you always standing in the middle of the shower, or if there is a person standing in front of you, what are they doing?6.

Do any of the towels you see or hear in the showers have a tendency to get wet with the water going through them?

If you think you might have a watery shower, you might be thinking about how much your shower curtain should be wet.

The answer is not that obvious, but if you don’t know what you are looking at, you may have to think about it.7.

Do most of the showers in your area have a towel or two on the floor that can be placed under the shower head, like in a pool?8.

How do you get the water out of the tubs in your house?

If you are a water-saver, have you tried using a water filter in your shower or are you thinking about installing one?9.

Do some of your friends and family shower together and use the same showerhead.

Is it true that it’s not uncommon for people to shower together, and if so, is it possible for the water to get in the tub or in the sink?10.

What about when you have to leave the house to use a shower, and do you use the tub in the bathroom or is it just an empty one?11.

Are there any special rules about the number of towels you can use or the amount of water you can pour into the tub?12.

How many times do you have the same towel in the morning, after work, and when you come home?

Do you use a towel on the way home, and at the end of the day, what happens if the water gets in the towel?13.

Do anyone always have towels under the water at home?

Are there people who don’t always use towels in their bathroom?14.

Do people who use a water faucet or showerhead always wash the water off their hands?

If they do, do they use soap, water, or something else?15.

What are the most common water-related problems for a shower head?

Do you have any other shower-related questions?

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