Why You Should Think Twice About Eating Pussy Eating

Why You Should Think Twice About Eating Pussy Eating

When it comes to sex, the human body has a weird way of picking out what to eat.

But a study in the journal Science suggests that’s not always a good thing.

The researchers found that women’s sexual pleasure was more pleasurable when they were eating pussy food than when they weren’t.

Here are five of the most surprising things you might think you know about the vagina: 1.

The clitoris is not for eating.

This is the part of the female reproductive tract that you know as the clitoris, and it is not a place to go to eat pussy.

Scientists have been searching for a way to find a vagina that doesn’t contain the clit.

That means finding a way for the clitoral hood to be inserted into the vagina, where it is then attached to the wall of the vagina and the female’s labia minora, the outer lips.

Scientists aren’t sure what that means, but the idea is that it would give a vagina a bit more volume, so that a person could get a better view of the cervix and vagina walls.


You can’t really taste pussy.

Pussy has a strange taste that scientists have yet to fully understand.

It is called the taste of flesh, and its flavor is so strong that people have had trouble getting pregnant with it.

So scientists are now looking for a vagina with a vagina taste that is so overpowering that people can’t taste it. 3.

Women can’t get pregnant.

Some women do have a chance of conceiving a child.

But even if you can conceive, that baby might not have been conceived by the woman who is pregnant.

The most likely reason that you might not be able to get pregnant is that you’re not fertile.

And even if your egg does hatch, it might not look like it does when you look at it later in your life.


The vagina can be a source of pain.

This one is not so much true, but it’s true nonetheless.

For many women, it can cause vaginal dryness and discomfort.

But not all women experience it, so it is possible that some women are able to avoid it completely.

And it’s also possible that it doesn’t bother some women at all.

The bottom line is that vaginal dry and discomfort are normal and normal for women.

The vulva can also cause bleeding, which is a common side effect of many medical procedures.


The pussy has a vagina smell.

Puss is a fairly common smell in women’s vaginas.

But researchers have only just begun to understand why.

The smell of the vulva is an internal odour that varies depending on the woman’s body temperature and the vagina temperature.

The more body temperature is high, the more puss you can smell.

This has been found to be the case in some women, but scientists aren’t quite sure why.

Researchers are hoping to find out more about it, and they have several possible explanations for why this happens.

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