Conservatives take aim at the ‘thought police’

Conservatives take aim at the ‘thought police’

Conservatives have begun their assault on the thought police by attacking them as the “thought police” — the think-tank-like group of academics who are often in the minority.

The latest target is the think tanks.

Conservative think tank the American Conservative wrote a piece titled “The Thought Police” and is calling on the Obama administration to put an end to their influence.

The article reads: “Think tanks, think-tanks, think tanks, and think-Tanks.

If the thought-police are going to have any credibility, it’s on the basis of the hard facts they tell.”

“Think Tanks,” Conservative pundit Glenn Beck says, are “not the problem.

The problem is the political correctness that they propagate, which is a total nonsense.

They are the problem because they are an obstacle to the truth.”

Conservatives say the idea that think tanks should not exist because they might influence policy or policy decisions is “a complete and total lie,” and that “thought-Talks” like the Brookings Institution and the Hoover Institution are “the problem” because they “influence policy through political correctness.”

The American Heritage Foundation says the idea of think tanks “isn’t just dangerous, it is dangerous because they do nothing but fuel the notion that all government policies should be driven by political correctness.

Think tanks have an important role to play in government, but they should not be the only political voice on public policy.”

The National Rifle Association says the “think tanks” are “a waste of taxpayer dollars and taxpayer money that should be spent on our military instead.”

Conservatives have accused the think tank movement of spreading false propaganda, and have accused those who oppose their ideas of being “white supremacists” and “racist.”

Some say they want to get rid of the think pieces altogether.

“It is time to bring the thought cops to an end,” said Matt Schlapp, former executive chairman of the Eagle Forum and president of the American Family Association, the largest pro-family organization in the U.S. “If we want to save America from a leftist takeover, we need to rid the thought tanks of their leftist propaganda, so that we can begin to actually take a hard look at what the truth is.”

This article originally appeared at Breitbart News and is re-posted here with permission.

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