A cartoon thought bubble inspired by your thoughts

A cartoon thought bubble inspired by your thoughts

When you’ve been stuck for a long time, you may find yourself thinking in a cartoon way.

But what if your thoughts were a bit more abstract?

Well, here are 10 cartoon thought bubbles you can create using your thoughts.


Think of the past, not the future If you’re thinking about the past and thinking of the future, the result is a cartoon thought stream.

This is a thought bubble that looks at the past from a different perspective.

You can find the original source here.


Think about the future with a different set of emotions If your past is still with you, a cartoon stream of emotion might help you imagine what will happen in the future.

You might see the original, but with a slightly different emotional tone.


Think in a different way from the other person source While the other might be feeling a bit too optimistic about your future, you might want to think in a slightly less optimistic way.

This could be something like “I hope it’s a good future” or “I know that there will be more good things to come”.


Think from a neutral perspective source You might not be as optimistic about the way the world is now, but the future may not be quite as bleak.

This would be a thought stream that looks back at the present and suggests a more neutral future.


Think through a difficult situation source In the past you may have been scared, stressed, or angry at someone, but what if you didn’t see the problem coming?

A cartoon stream might help remind you that the future is still very much up in the air, and that there is a lot of potential.


Think outside the box source You may not have had much experience with different types of thoughts and emotions, so you might think about different kinds of thoughts while trying to imagine the future or thinking about different types or emotions.

This can be an example of an emotion like happiness or sadness.


Think for a change source You could be looking at a picture of a happy, happy, joyful family with a cat in the background, or you could be thinking about a different family, like one with two different children or two different partners.

This kind of thought stream could be a way of thinking about what you might be experiencing or imagining in the next few days or weeks.


Think with an objective source You have a goal, a goal to reach, and a goal in mind.

But sometimes, you just want to have a more objective view of the world.

A cartoon might help highlight the idea of what that goal is. 9.

Think and think and think source You are a bit stressed, and you want to be the best person you can be, but there’s nothing stopping you from going back to sleep.

Maybe you have been in a bad mood recently, and your thoughts have been racing like crazy.

A thought stream might remind you of what you are feeling and remind you to relax.


Think like an actor source A cartoon could help you focus on what you’re doing, instead of just worrying about how much you are going to miss something.

Think how you would react if you were in that situation.

Think a bit about the emotional impact of that emotion on your mind.

The source article

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