How to help yourself to a more positive, loving thought meme

How to help yourself to a more positive, loving thought meme

A Facebook page for the Hebrew term “hahaha” (happy) was set up by a man who had been in a bad relationship with his ex-wife.

It featured a video that depicted his daughter smiling as he laughed at her, and a picture of him as she played with a toy dog.

The video, which was shared on the page on March 25, featured the caption “This is the new motto for my family: ‘Hahaha!.’

It means happiness and I hope you enjoy it too.”

A video on the same page showed his son with a doll, saying: “Happy birthday, Daddy.”

On the page, users shared links to different products and other social media outlets, including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, that offered the same meme.

The page had garnered over 3,000 likes and 3,700 comments as of Monday morning.

It was unclear whether the video was filmed on location, or on a mobile phone.

A video of the video on Facebook has gone viral and garnered over 2 million views.

The man’s daughter was not named in the Facebook post, and the page was deleted within a few hours.

The Facebook page also showed a video of her playing with a Lego Star Wars character called Luke Skywalker.

“It was fun,” the mother of two told The Jerusalem Report.

“It made me laugh.”

Her father was upset when he saw the post, but he said he did not think much of it.

“I thought it was funny, it was a joke,” he said.

The father added that he was glad his daughter’s happiness had been helped.

“When I see my daughter smiling and I see her smiling, it makes me happy,” he told The Report.

“My daughter is happy, I know she is happy.

She has a smile on her face.

It’s a happy moment for her.”

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