Which of these train of thoughts are you going to think about today?

Which of these train of thoughts are you going to think about today?

A train ofthought: “The only way I could have lived is to kill myself”.

The thought that you could live a good life.

A train thought: “I don’t want to die, but I am not willing to take a bullet for my friends”.

A train that wants to know what it means to be human: “This is why we need more love”.

A thought that’s meant to help you sleep at night: “It’s okay, it’s not my fault”.

A person who has the courage to say what they really feel, and the ability to let it out: “We must not be ashamed of who we are”.

A day when we are so overwhelmed by life that we forget who we really are: “What I am, is I a monster”.

A man who has a big heart: “My heart is the greatest thing I’ve ever known.”

A woman who believes in her ability to love unconditionally: “You have to be in charge of your own life”.

A young woman who’s learned to love who she is: “If you have to go through hell to get to heaven, I won’t ask you to come.”

A friend who’s grown in love with her family: “They’re like the best thing I ever did.”

A person whose parents are no longer with them: “How can I leave them, knowing that they are here with me?”

A person that doesn’t think about other people anymore: “No one else in the world does.”

A mother who doesn’t have any other family: “…you know what?

I am a mom now.”

A man that has been able to hold a grudge and say: “Who would have thought I’d be this obsessed with them all these years?”

A woman that doesn: “There’s nothing I don’t love about them.”

A father who is angry at the world: “To think that I’d have to deal with this every day, every day of my life, was just ridiculous.”

A girl who loves her mom: “She’s the one who is holding me to the very limit.”

A little girl who doesn.t want to leave home: “Mom, I don.t care where you’re from.

I just want to be with you.”

A parent who is constantly afraid of losing his or her child: “That’s why I am so scared of losing my son.

If I lose him, then I don t know who I am anymore.”

A teenager who loves a parent who loves him or her: “Don’t you hate your parents?”

A mother that is trying to make sure that she doesn’t leave her daughter: “A mom that can’t hold it, can’t say no.”

A family that’s been through a lot together: “These are the best days of my family.

They’ve been through everything together.

I am the best mother of them all.”

A stranger who has been lost in his or herself: “In my heart, I’m lost.”

A teacher who has lost her teacher: “Not to mention all the other teachers and students.

It was just impossible for me to stay here.”

A student who loves his or Her school: ” I’m so happy at school.”

A school friend who has no other friends: “When I’m at school, I get to spend time with my friends.”

A mom that loves her children: ” They’re my family, my heart.”

A kid who is really scared to go to school: “…

I don t think I can be this scared.”

A guy who’s been bullied at school: “…

I dont want to go back.”

A wife who’s always been a bit selfish: “Everyone has their place.

I dont want anyone to feel like that.”

A dad who has had a really hard time: “But I’m always ready for that day when everything changes.”

A couple who are really into each other: “Even if we’re not together, we always have each other’s backs.”

A young mother who is in love: “And it doesn’t matter if I don’ t have a job or not, I still love my kids.”

A college student who is happy at home and in the house: “At home, we are all just kids.

We just need to have each others’ backs.”

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