How to find the right job for you

How to find the right job for you

With your career in limbo, the search for a job that pays you what you’re worth can be tough.

But you might just have found the perfect job for your skillset.

Here’s everything you need to know about finding the right career in Australia and the best places to live in Australia.1.

Australia’s job market is boomingThere are now more than 23 million Australians aged 16 and over working in the country’s labour market, according to the Bureau of Statistics.

It says Australia’s unemployment rate has fallen to 5.9 per cent in September, down from 6.3 per cent a year ago.2.

Your salary might not be as good as you thinkIt’s common to see people who want to work for as little as $20,000 a year in the Australian workforce.

But that’s not what’s really going on.

Job ads for entry-level jobs, for example, typically pay around $18,000, according the Bureau.

However, in some industries, like engineering, the pay can be as high as $70,000.

The most recent ABS data from December shows the average annual salary for a full-time engineer in Sydney was $62,200, according, and an engineer in Melbourne was making $82,300.3.

You’re better off getting an apprenticeshipIf you’re interested in a career that involves learning how to make things, then there’s no better place to be than in a skilled trades apprenticeship program.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions says apprenticeships for the arts and crafts sector, for instance, pay between $11,000 and $13,000 per year.

There are also some online apprenticeships in areas like furniture, carpentry, home improvement, woodworking, carpentering and sewing.4.

You might have a career with a few perksHere are some of the benefits you might get if you apply for a career in one of these fields:• Access to the highest quality childcare and health care• Paid holidays, sick leave, pension contributions• Paid holiday entitlement to spend on your hobbies and interests• The right to be called upon to contribute to family and friends’ retirement savings• Access at least two paid holidays a year• Access for up to three years to a job in which you are employed• A paid day off each week• The ability to commute to work by public transport• Access from home if needed• Full-time or part-time employment opportunities for people with disabilities and people with a disability related condition (such as autism)• Paid vacation entitlement to be spent on activities you enjoy such as swimming, horseback riding, horse-riding, canoeing, sailing or equestrian training (in the bush)• Access the right to use a wheelchair• Accessions to community resources• Accessibility accommodation• Accessible transport• Financial support for childcare• Accession to the Australian Government’s Disability Employment Assistance Scheme• Accessed to an employment assessment programme (where applicable)• Health insurance• Health benefits• A flexible work-from-home arrangement for people in low-paid, insecure, or vulnerable positionsThe Australian Government says people in these jobs are generally paid between $15,000-$22,000 annually.

But this doesn’t take into account the costs of living, housing, transportation, or any other costs that people might incur.

If you need more help, there’s a wealth of advice on how to get a job, and a whole lot of jobs to choose from.

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