How to pronounce the new thought movement emoji

How to pronounce the new thought movement emoji

I’ve had this weird feeling ever since I first heard about the new emoji movement.

There are so many possibilities for what to do with it, and so many different ways to use it.

And, of course, how you use it has a lot to do, as you’ll see below.

The first thing you’ll notice is that, unlike the emoji we’ve been seeing for quite some time now, this new emoji is not going to be a literal translation of the thought movement.

Instead, it’s a gesture of affection.

When the user touches the emoji, they’re saying “thank you” in English, with an emphasis on the thank you, which is a sign of appreciation.

As a result, you’ll hear more and more people say the word “thank” in response to the emoji.

In fact, if you’ve never heard the word thank before, it may be a little hard to believe you’re in the middle of a conversation about it.

The new emoji can be a bit tricky to use, because it’s so different from the traditional gesture that has come before.

This is where emoji makers, like the ones behind the thought emoji, are stepping in to help.

Here are five ways you can use this new thought emoji.


Touching a loved one’s hand or head with the emoji opens up a space in your home.

The most obvious way to use this is when you’re with a loved-one and you just need a little help getting their attention, or just want to let them know how much you appreciate them.

Just remember to stop before touching the face, as the emoji will close the door.

The next time you’re alone with your loved one, try doing this with a different emoji, like “you” or “my.”


You can use the emoji to express happiness, thanksgiving, or any other moment in your life.

The emoji comes with a button that opens up the “you,” so you can press it to open up the emoji and say something like, “I’m so glad you’re here.”

The next thing you can do is tap the button to start an animated gif.

For instance, “thank the birds” would make a cute animated gif with the bird in your hand.


You could say “I love you” to the new emojis when you see them.

You know how when you walk by a person’s house, or your friends house, you get a warm feeling in your heart?

The same applies to the thought emoticons.

This means that you could say the following: “I am so happy you’re home, and I love you.”

If you want to say it even more loudly, you could simply say, “You’re my love!”

You can also use the new gesture to make a nice gesture with a small, soft paper or metal ring.

If you’re a mom or a dad, or someone you just met recently, you can say “thank your mom for getting us this puppy!”

Or you could just say “hello, and welcome!”

The next thought emoji is a touch-and-go emoji that allows you to give someone a kiss.

You’ll see this gesture in the emoji box for the “kiss” emoji, and it opens up an emoji of the kiss emoji.

You will have to give your partner a kiss before the gesture, but it will close up the door when the gesture is completed.


You should use the gesture with your phone or tablet.

I know you don’t want to touch your phone while doing this, but I also know that you might need to be careful.

I don’t recommend using it on your laptop, because the emoji is too small and will block the phone’s screen.

Instead of touching your screen with the gesture instead, use your tablet or smartphone to give the gesture to someone you love.


The gesture is a new way to communicate.

I’ve noticed a lot of people have been asking me, “Why are people using the gesture?”

And I think the answer is simple: because it makes communication more fun and natural.

In a way, the gesture can help you connect with someone you might not have been able to before.

In addition to the simple gestures, the new thinking emoticons also make it easier for you to share thoughts with someone.

Think about it, the whole point of having a thought is that you get to share it with them.

If the emoji gesture is as easy as sharing a GIF, it can be very easy to share a thought too.

For example, here’s how to say “you know I love that blue-ish color” to someone who’s wearing a blue shirt: “You know I really like the blue-y tone of that shirt.”

You can add a few more thoughts to the mix by saying, “And then I know I should go and get some fresh air to cool down a bit.”

The new gesture is also easy to use on a computer

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