How to tell the difference between ‘the most annoying’ and ‘the least annoying’ pre-pandemic tweets

How to tell the difference between ‘the most annoying’ and ‘the least annoying’ pre-pandemic tweets

I’m a journalist.

I’m interested in the internet and in how we communicate.

I know what people say online and what they don’t.

I’ve written a blog about what people think and feel about social media, and what you should know about it.

I get emails from people telling me how they’ve found it useful to tweet or reply on social media.

I also get emails like this: “How do I make the most annoying tweets less annoying?”

Well, the best way is to be like the rest of us.

The most annoying things I’ve ever seen are the things that people are saying about me.

You’ll see that the most common things that get me angry are things I don’t want to hear, such as how I’m “disingenuous”, “trying to manipulate the public”, “dealing with” me, “stealing my reputation” or “lacking my level of professionalism”.

You’ll also see that I’m often called out for not being “polite enough”, for being “totally insensitive” and for being a “dumb bloke”.

And that’s fine.

But the things I’m not polite enough to say?

Those are the people who need to be heard.

This is a time of reckoning.

If you’ve ever wanted to say “thank you” to the people you disagree with, and to those you disagree, then this is your time.

It’s a time to remember who you are.

And it’s a chance to show that we’re all capable of making some very unpleasant and offensive comments.

And sometimes, it’s the most reasonable thing you can do.

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Full disclosure: The BBC has been involved in a partnership with this author for some of their coverage.

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